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Default sorry if i've caused any trouble.

However it's Cosmos who doesn't agree, he brings the debate forum in here with him. If im giving advise, im up for any critisism, i just want to encourage people to talk about drugs, because it's a very taboo subject and it effects alot of people, so its important to hear everyones views.

If you see each persons perspective on drugs, you see that some people are completly against it, others dont mind it but wouldnt try it, others want to try it etc.

It's perfectly normal to have an opinion on this subject, but if your completly against this forum, why? It's here for people to talk about drugs, and advise each other. I've never told any lies, or fabricrated any of my information, it might be a little flaky but im just giving you my opinion.

If you have a problem with the way im doing things, feel free to speak about it. Just don't go over the top, and start flaming each other with childish insults like "pathetic idiot kid" -

It's true, that kids don't get the information they need about drugs. There have been many many efforts to stop drug abuse, but people, teenagers especially, are prone to doing things that can be recreational or even cause harm. People naturally seek pleasure, however some people can get stuck in addictions, and it can be very hard for them to escape a cycle of drug use.

People will use drugs, regardless of what any safety warnings there are. Legal or not legal, how many people do you think listen to the warnings about smoking, yet stil smoke every day? Some people are just like that, addictive personality.

So people will do drugs, and teenagers are especially prone to experimenting, so it's important they do talk about it, and alot of drug use can cause problems, for some people and exaggerate mental health problems (which is why this forum exists).

If anyone has any problems with the way im giving advise, feel free to add your own, and critisize mine, thats important. So anyone who reads a thread and sees critisims about different views, can draw their own conclusions on wether it's simply worth it or not.

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