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Default Re: This is where I am, am I normal?

Okay, here we go.

I'm 15, a bit more than 4" erect, and my testicles aren't too big, and sometimes they're dropped about an inch and a half, sometimes they're not...also, I've got soem dark wavy pubic hair around my penis that's like an inch and a half, but not too much on my testiculars. I'm only around 5'3", though I htink i've started to grow a little, and my voice hasn't deepened too much. I don't think I've had a wet dream either, although I've been a lil' wet when I wake up on occasion, and I don't really jack off regularly, just like once maybe twice a day. I think I'm normal, but is there something I should do or look out for to tell me when I'm gonna finally mature? Oh, and I don't have armpit hair, though they bother me a lot some times, and I have a really tiny bit of hair on my upper lip, but that's it.
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