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Originally Posted by boognish
Originally Posted by cosmos
how many have you met shaolin?
cosmos, he buys from drug dealers. and most wouldnt be as bad as you guys say, otherwise nobody would by drugs. those bad ones go after heroine, crack, and cocaine adicts. so they can treat them like shit, and pull a gun out on them. you neighborhood cannabis dealer will be your pal. cause he lights up too and if somthing bad happens to you, his buisiness falls. and dealers are buisiness men, like fast food restaurant owners
This is so true. Drug dealers are not all bad people, bad people are bad people!

Im sure most hard drug dealers, who sell for a living, or even soft drug dealers, are selling to make money. When you find a drug dealer, you tend to get to know them, and you trust them. If they start tainting your gear, you tell them what the fuck, and you stop buying it off them, or they apologise and pay you back. They are usually people you know and are friends with, members of society, and most people dont want to ruin a friendship.

Most drug dealers i know i have known long before they were dealers, ive met many and only a few i don't know perosnally, as they are friends dealers.

If you have a business you don't want to ruin it by tainting drugs, yes it does happen, though it's usually from someone you don't know or haven't met before. You tend to look arond for someone who is reliable and trustworthy who is just trying to make a buck.

Thats a hidden economy, alot of money is being made from drugs. I wonder why the government can't just control it, then people can stop being stigmatised for problems of using drugs and get help, it would become normal in society. You can tackle the problem far easier if you have it under control, or in your possession.

Right now the only thing thats dictating what is in the drugs that is in the street, is the source of them. Which can be anywhere.

If controlled by the government, drugs wouldnt be such a problem. They could be treated without normal people having to hide like criminals, and their problems would be more open to talk about. Just as alcohol and tobacco smokers get such advise, far more openly than any drug advise.

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