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Default Re: NATO Slackers!

France hasent been an ally at all more of a burden
A) we had to save there ass from Germany who totally pwned them
B) they've been slamming America and the UK where ever possible on EVERYTHING
C) They've told Iran that having one or two nukes isnt a big deal
D) They played a major contributing part to the Rwandan massacure and just generally have a very shitty human rights record when it comes to there forign policys

beautiful country though......
i'm angry at them right now........sorry
lets hope its better with Chirac gone

Germany....Hitler (why were they even allowed in again?)

Italy....Mussolini (ditto?)


it just pisses me off because as members they've had the most to gain being so close to warsaw countries
Yet there the least willing to back up a fellow ally so why the hell have we let them stay in it
you dont wanna help thats fine you dont have to, get the hell out!

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