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Originally Posted by Octo22 View Post
why does a person have to SURELY choose to be gay?

oh shit, double entendre. What makes a fetish any different from a sexual preference? I could be turned on by legs, or boobs, or men, or feet.

You're using his own logic against him!
DTF answer me this.
In a relationship section you said "I'm a guy, I'd know more about what guys think thank you (a girl). Therefore you argued YOU were right.

So if we use YOUR logic, he's gay. He should surely know more about gay's think. THUS USING YOUR OWN LOGIC, HE JUST WON.
Yellow Response: the same rules do not apply for this situation. a fetish is something you cant choose over. can be developed. i developed a fetish for cleavage and "boob sex". lol, i just like boobs a lot and because i have looked at that kind of thing so much (dont hate, porn is a very common thing), i have grown to get really turned on by it. moving on, Homosexuality can be chosen over, and so it can not be compared to something that is not chosen over.

Green Response: once again, you can not compare those two events. the girl was asking what the guy was thinking, and because i was his age 3 months ago, i think i am fairly qualified to give her great advice. now, lets say, there was a male who was asking about what his gay crush was thinking about the relationship, then i think that a gay person might be a better person to give him advice about it because tghey may have liked or gone out with gay guys before.

i didnt argue that i was right either. read those posts. i told her that i was giving her great advice and that she should respect me for it.

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