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i agree.

because they havent been helping, i didnt even NOTICE that they werent helping. but yeah, if they dont do their share for us, then why do we do our share for them?

there is kind of an opposing side that i also agree with. maybe, if we dont ally with them, then we might need them, and they will just say, "screw you", and we will be screwed. maybe we just keep them on "idle" and dont help them out, then if we need them, we pretend that everything is cool.

but because North America is so strong, i agree that we wont lose much if we lose them, so overall, i think that we will benefit more if we just kind of let them be and kind of "idle" it. then, if we really need them, we'll call. but we shouldnt be spending money on them to protect them if they wont do the same.

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