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Bad people are bad people....many people take drugs, and they are a small part for most drug takers lives, just as would alcohol be. Even if they sell it some of them get on fine in life, and drugs can be a small part.

There are many different types of people who do drugs, and they are just normal people, as others have stated. Some people who live in society do commit crimes and sell drugs, but they do not make up the majority of people who sell drugs.

Something liek a drug dealer shooting at police will only make the news because its a far more attractive story than..."30 year old retail worker, mother, sell cannabis to help support her income"

Oooo thats far more interesting than drug dealer shoots cop, i mean people thrive off of violence in the media, it's an odd act and you dont see it much, so its far more interesting than non violent people selling drugs.

As for the question "how many dealers have i met" - I have met many, most my age, some abit older. Most of my regular dealers are nice people, and im not a gangster evil type, i dont like to buy my drugs off an intimidating sneeky looking person with a gun who i've never met before (without buying drugs). I would worry i wouldnt get what i pay for, and that i should just use my dealers who i have met as friends, and who are nice people who dont shoot me...

Anyway..violent drug dealers wouldn't exist, if the government controlled drugs, and made them available to the public, taxing them heavily.

That would eliminate gangs primary funds, drug dealing. However the main point i was trying to get across was, not everyone is a gangster, and most people don't live in those environments. Yes drugs and violence do not mix, but most peopel aren't violent criminals.

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