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Originally Posted by Octo22 View Post
Much like how someone above here said to go have gay sex and enjoy it, one thing people can like is poop. A poop fetish, go get one. Surely they must CHOOSE to like it. So go like it, choose the option, smear it all over you and tell me you're turned on.
hahahaha, you should feel like a complete asswhole right now.

you just told me that i should rub poop on myself and orgasm over it.

1. No.

Why? because fetishes ARENT something you can choose over. a fetish is something that a person gets a physically, and healthy uncontrollable erotic feeling over. and no, Homosexuality is not a fetish.

why does a person have to SURELY choose to have fetishes? if you can explain something that i think is a good argument, then i might decide to believe what you believe.

2. Even if someone has a "poop" fetish, it is not the poop that turns them on. its the person producing it that does. for instance, if i saw Jenna Jameson nakedly smearing poop all over herself, then i might get turned on, but if i just see a log in the toilet, then im not going to get turned on.

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