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Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post
my position does not change because i feel that my views are most logical. countless people disagreed with Abraham Lincoln, and Frank Lloyd Wright, and William Ford, but those people kept their views and eventually, more and more people agreed, and their views became more common throughout their surroundings.
These people had NEW AND RADICAL IDEA'S. Your idea's are OLD. Your ignorace just needs a hick accent to be straight out of the '50's claiming all these "damned rebels trying to be gay".

Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post
because i know that what i think about this is something that a lot of people either aren't ready to, or just don't want to accept.
AGAIN YOUR IDEA'S ARE OLD. They USED to be widely accepted, they're not anymore because psychology said "wait a minute...that's not right".
Go back 30 years, we would all have believed you, you're living in the past but now. GET OVER IT.

Also, you've yet to disprove my fetish point (even though this is my fourth post bringing it up).

Much like how someone above here said to go have gay sex and enjoy it, one thing people can like is poop. A poop fetish, go get one. Surely they must CHOOSE to like it. So go like it, choose the option, smear it all over you and tell me you're turned on.

[sorry for the graphicness, I'm trying to prove a point that apparently requires a hammer to get through this thick a board.]
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