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I'll help kill some myths!

Use that site, it's very informative and gives 'experiance reports' so you can see what the drug does, from a real persons perspective, not from a DEA agents perspective.

LSD is very safe physically, infact a toxic dose of LSD is much like cannabis, very hard to achieve, almost impossible.

It usually comes in the form of tabs, little peices of paper with cartoon figures on them, dipped in LSD. These tabs are ingested, and the effects usually take half an hour to an hour to come on, but can come on later, so if you are taking it, DONT take more if you dont feel it. It's VERY strong!

Intitial effects include an anticipation feeling, a rushy anxiety feeling. It effects people much more mentally.

Hallucinations are what most people desire when taking LSD. These are changes in perception, existing things can change into objects, animals whatever or things can appear from no where.

It's common for people to see 'trailers' behind moving things, (little tracer marks of objects) which is why many people are raves use 'glowsticks' and wave them infront of their eyes.

LSD is very similiar in its effects to magic mushrooms, but much more intense.

An LSD trip is completly controlled by the persons mood, environment and the people they are with and their past experiances.

If you DO ever take LSD, make sure you are in a SAFE environment with no authroity figures or hassles to worry about. Make sure there is somewhere you can retreat to to gather your thoughts somewhere to relax.

An LSD trip can be extremly fun ,if used properly, but even when it's used properly it can have adverse effects, even something as simple as music you dont like being played, can turn your trip into an endless nightmare.

LSD lasts very long, around 12 - 24 hours. The effects don't suddenly stop, they subside over a few hours.

There are no immediate physical dangers of using LSD even in heavy doses. However it can have profound mental consquences. If someone has a bad trip, and has a history mental illness, or is predisposed to a mental illness, the trip can bring out these pre existing problems, such as schizophrenia.

LSD is a psychotometric (sp?), which means it mimicks the experiance of 'psychosis' something people with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, commonly experiance, things such as hearing voices etc.

LSD can blend your senses, for example you could see music, or smell colours.

Never drive, or operate any machinary, or do anything that requires any serious concentration while doing LSD, it's bound to end up in an anxious neverous trip.

Myth Busting

- It does not stay in your spine, infact its not detectable in drug tests even a day or so after using it.

- It does not damage your chromosomes.

- It won't kill you. THough it can lead you to doing very dangerous things, because your perception is extremly distorted.

LSD is not a drug to be toyed with. If you don't like being 'out of control' stay far far away from LSD. If you have ANY mental illness, or a history of it, even something relativly simple like an anxiety disorder - you should NOT take it.

Imagine walking around, in real life, but in a dream. Anything can happen, things can appear and dissapear, you can believe strange things (delusions)...Thats an LSD trip...that will last a long time.

Dreams can be nice fun, wierd interesting enlightening etc.

Think of LSD in the same light. However it's far more dangerous to be dreaming while your driving your car...or operating a machine or in the public near a road.

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