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Originally Posted by Dante View Post
you are backing up your views because you have friends who agree with you...thats fine, but you have countless people disagreeing with you, some who are gay mind you...but your position does not change....why is that?
my position does not change because i feel that my views are most logical. countless people disagreed with Abraham Lincoln, and Frank Lloyd Wright, and William Ford, but those people kept their views and eventually, more and more people agreed, and their views became more common throughout their surroundings.

im not trying to make you guys believe in my ideas, although i don't understand why you guys would disagree with me. i don't dislike any of you because you disagree with me on this topic, because i know that what i think about this is something that a lot of people either aren't ready to, or just don't want to accept.

Originally Posted by Mannequin
You have so many of these "friends".
yeah, i've been told that a lot of people think i'm a cool person.

Originally Posted by Mannequin
I am not straight. Do I have to tell you again? Is your name patty? I think everyone was born patty. They just "chose" to have different names. As incredulous as the idea sounds, yours isn't much more logical. Please tell me one thing, why would I chose to be gay? I already told you I want to be straight. Why am I NOT STRAIGHT?
you may not be straight because you might like the attention of being gay. you might like to feel different. you might not want to conform with others. you may feel like sex with girls is morally wrong. but you are not straight because you chose to be not straight.

pay attention to the bolded text. see, i was referring to all of the people i have talked to about this issue. you seemed to have misunderstood what i said.

pay attention to the underlined text. maybe we were all born with the name patty. we could have been, but i dont think we were. maybe, every single person's name was patty but then legally changed to your current name. i disgree with that, but i still think that it might be a possibility, but more untrue than true--about 99.99%-00.01%.

QUOTE=Mannequin]Maybe you should educate yourself before educating others.[/QUOTE]

yeah, i already have.

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