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Not just that but ...

If the government wants everyone to have an equal chance at life, regardless of how much cash they have, education should be compulsory to everyone, and privatised education should be scrapped.

That way, everyone is entitled to a chance to becoming a rocket scientist, and you can't complain because you come from 'a bad background' because you were given the same choices and chances as somoene from a richer background.

However that isn't reality. The truth is richer kids are more likely to become richer adults, kids that were well educated and socialised into a richer environment will want to keep that status.

Though, what about the kid whose family is so poor, that they can only afford a small amount of food, and they are starving. He or she is forced into the choice (internally) to drop out and get a job so he/she can help the family or start earning straight away.

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