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Default Just thought I'd say hiya.

I'm Delyth. (Pronounced like Stelth, but with a D)

I'm bulimic.
It all started last January.
I was having a really lush birthday party, and I wanted to loose 2 stone for it.
It was just after christmas so I had gained a few pounds.
I remember the day I started my diet I weighed 188lbs (13st 6lbs) and I was 5'6.
I was really over weight.

Well, it went quite well, in 2 months I dropped around 7 pounds.
Not quite as good as I wanted, but people noticed I lost weight.
Then my birthday passed, and I carried on with the diet.
Through the rest of March, April and May.
In June I found out we were going to NY for holidays, and I wanted to look halfway decent in my board shorts and tankini.
By the end of May I must have dropped around 15-20 pounds from January.

So I cut my calories again, down to 700, if I ate even 5 calories over that, I would make myself throw up everything from that day.
I got really badly bullied at school, so I taught myself to make myself sick to get out of school, so I was used to it.

In June, July and August alone, I dropped 18 pounds.
I remember the exact day I hit 150 pounds was the day before I went on holiday, I was so happy.

Then, I came back from holiday, and it just carried on, in November I was finally put into hospital for 3 weeks because I collapsed so much.
I weighed 120 pounds and was 5'7.
Which doesn't sound that bad, but it was such quick weightloss.
nearly 70 pounds in 11 months was rapid when my body wasn't used to that.
So December, January, February, March of this year I ate normally.
But after my birthday I started hating my body.
So since March I have been going back to Bulimia.
I've gone from 162lbs in March, to 151lbs today.

Sorry for the huge rant about my life.
It's good to get background.

My goal is to hit 132lbs by the end of my exams.
Then either go down the recovery route over the summer.
Or try and drop to my goal of 100lbs by next year.


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