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I think homosexual organizations are far too passive in there organizations now a days because there are still people out there putting homosexual people down and calling them mentally ill, or a wrong way of lifestyle. This is accepted by society like racism was accepted in 1960 America. I think more gay, lesbian and bisexual people should stand up and fight for freedom of homosexual people all over the world, where people can still be hanged and put in prison.

Also homosexual people should attack the society which makes them feel wrong. "How can love that feels so right, be so wrong" - as i said once because i was depressed because society makes me look bad. The stereotypical pink camp guy who gets aids and dies which is nothing like me.

Yes, homosexual people have better equal rights in the western world than 30 years ago, but if i go walking down the street holding hands with my boy friend i will be either beaten up or people will shout abuse at me. It is the homosexual society which needs to combat the homophobic society which is freely portrayed in TV makeing teenagers and kids think being gay is wrong and evil e.g. 'that is so gay' is an insult in the UK. This is so the next generations of homosexual people can have the kind of freedom of expression we did not.
I don't know about other gay people but i want to change this world so we are not ignored and put aside we are recognized and treated as equals to heterosexual people like black people to white, so homosexual people going through there messed up teenage years find it easier to live (as the teenage suicide rate for homosexual people is very high), so they can express there love and feel like they belong.

edited for grammar to make it easier to read.

I do agree homosexuals need to gain more rights and be seen as equals. But I wouldn't go as far as using the word "fighting society"
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