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no see, Mannequin and other members gave me a hard time because nobody agrees with me. my previous post was solely posted to prove that people do agree with me.

sure, they COULD have changed their mind, but it still shows that my views aren't uncommon. in fact, the friends that ive been comfortable to talk to this about (2) have agreed with me as well.

yes, we are all straight, but it doesnt matter. im not trying to "feel" what a gay person feels. im telling you guys that i simply believe that Homosexuality is a choice, not a "destiny" or an uncontrollable characteristic.

also, i do a lot of posts in the puberty forum, to help out many different people, and i was looking through a thread which showed me these posts. so no, im not "desperate" digging through the puberty forum. i was looking through it one day and i found those two posts.

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