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Default Re: Weirdest masturbating and puberty moments

Originally Posted by crazyfilmguy View Post
Ok, well I was gonna make a new thread about this and ask people if they had done anything equally stupid, but it is kind of a story so..

Today, at school I decided to take a shower, which I never do. So I got undressed walked in to the showers, and 4 guys I know were j/o. So I was like 'ah sorry guys I'll come back in a second', but 1 of them turned around and asked if I wanted to join in. Well, its always been sort of a fantasy of mine to j/o in a public place and with other guys makes it even better. SO in all this excitement I forgot about the size of my cock (its 11 inches, the other thread will explain) (

SO, I go over and stand with them, and I see they are all about 6-8 inches, which makes me suddenly realise that I'm huge and that something is blatantly not right. Well because I was now insanely horny, I continued to fondle my dick to make it hard. When I got hard, 1 of the guys looked over and said 'dude, you're like a fuckin horse!' and I was a bit shocked, but I kept jackin coz I really was horny. The rest of the guys were, as I expected horrified and quickly finished up and started yelling names at me and went off. The guy that made the comment stayed and wanked with me for about 10 mins until the bell went, and I told him about the pills and how I realised how stupid I had been. I was surprised when he said that he had once taken some pills, but they did very little for him.

So, actually it turned out quite alright. I now have a new friend and even better a new friend that I can j/o with. He's actually coming over in about half an hour. We might end up doin a bit more than wanking, because i got the feeling he was either really curious (like me) or a little gay.

I'll probably post in this thread later to tell you how it went.

if that is in fact true, i would nto make fun of you...i would be kinda envious, and then want to experiment with you!
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