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Default Re: I can't believe this!!!

hey its k 4 ur breasts to b small like that, ur only 13, you've really only just broken into teenage-hood.

i remeber that i got my breatst REALLY early, but they were jsut little poofy pyramids, n i got teased for those, i was like in wat...grade 6 (ENG)!

people get teaased for difference, n its not unusual for ur breasts to b that size.

i know someone who has just turned 14 and only NOW has decent sized breasts, like i think they r jsut aobut a B cup now...she got annoyed at thehm 4 being small, but yah, like every1 says, give em time n they will grwo.

i am 15 now and am a size 12C (AUS) n thye cud STILL GROW. i am still in puberty growth n its all cool. some pl r REALLY late bloomers, n by the en dof it the otehr girls cud b stuck wif some lil B cups n ur there wif these GORGEOUS C/D cups, n who's da one laughing then? ;p

just hold wif em ,n like beroom eyes said, boys that say cute aint good neough r NOT worth ur time. i mean the boys r SO immature.

remember this:

boys r bout 2 YEARS behind us in maturity, so if boys ur age (13) r saying that stuff, just treat their words like an 11 or 10 year old's ;p!

n jsut ignore da girls, girls can b SO very bitchy, n they r not worth ur time either.

anotehr thing, do NOT go in for a boob job until u r FOR DEFINITE out of puberty, cos there r girls MY AGE getting boob jobs 4 THEIR bithday!
it is SO not cool, and alot of decent guys, well most-all, prefer n respect the natural look, n that u r happy wif ur body etc.
a decent boy will love u 4 who u r, dont go changing 4 da dicks.

take this quote wif u ^,^:

"the people who mind dont matter, and the people who matter dont mind"

hope i and the otehrs have helped u ^,^

be happy wif who u r n let urself grow babi girl ^,^!!!!!!!!!!!!1

good luck to u

"Smile." "But what is ther to smile about?!" "that you can smile that your alive. that you can change, help, hinder love and hate. Smile for these reasons.
Add to the list of things to smile about ^,^
1. can smile 2. alive 3. change 4. help 5. hinder 6. love
7. hate"
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