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Originally Posted by randomnessqueen View Post
i dont belong to a single faith. i believe in an omnipresent creative force that makes up the universe and all living things.
You don't believe in the type of faith others believe in, but you must have faith that this creative force does exists to even believe in it, no matter how little or the form of the faith itself is. Amarite? This isn't really a debate i'm trying to say (yet), just trying to understand and clean things up.

Originally Posted by randomnessqueen View Post
this entity is formless, has no beginning and no end. i believe that all religions have been expressions of this one entity, made to help people of the place and time.
Ok, well that is theoretical, also based off faith, because you believe this to be true with your brain, also basing it off self thought. Also, are you saying Atheists, agnostics and more spiritual-without-lovey-dovey-God-type-religions are irrelevant then? That's kind of dorky, no offense.

We need a God, doesn't matter what form of God through religions, that doesn't exist to help us so we're connected towards this God we don't know about that does exist. HMMMMMMMMM.......

Originally Posted by randomnessqueen View Post
this world is a physical manifestation
Here's a good quote from a book I was reading upon a few days ago. I highlighted this part while stoned off my mind -

Originally Posted by Scott Osterhage
Beginning with the physical human being and taking a micro-look, we are all built of parts and pieces, systems and organs. Each of these in turn is built of cells, which are built of atoms, then of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Each of these is built of even smaller lives, and on it goes . . . without end. Similarly, if we start again with the physical human being and go outward, taking a macro-approach, we see that we are part of a family, a community, a city, a state, a nation, a world, a solar system, a galaxy, a universe, and so on . . . also without end.

That is the way we see physical existence manifest around, above, and within our bodies. But the basis for ourselves and the visible world is not physical manifestation.
Originally Posted by randomnessqueen View Post
that has always existed in some form and always will and every life is equally immortal.
But you have to understand this planet is not immortal. It will eventually be destroyed, be it by asteroids, us, the sun, et al. Even less, humans. We are not immortal. We're less than a tiny spec of a tiny spec of a mother-fucking tiny cock sucking spec. We have a beginning and end. The Earth had a beginning and it will end. This galaxy will eventually end. This universe might even end at some point due to some theories.

As psuedo as this conversation is getting, I want to sort of dwell into it because I feel very fucking manic right now like I'm scratching a chalk board with my teeth and my chin is rubbing against it at the same time.

Originally Posted by randomnessqueen View Post
this force describes a natural way of the universe
What is so natural about this universe? The universe is the opposite of natural! It's always changing, evolving, devolving, creating, destroying, falling apart, things exploding, fuck natural is the wrong word to describe the universe.

This God does a shitty job keeping the UV Rays from getting my Grandpa cancer on his penis. This is not a perfect world.

Unless you're wanting to say the spontaneous-ness of the universe is what makes it natural, then your God is an interesting God and I like this God over all the other Gods. In fact, it makes better because your God is technically in control of the other Gods from what you've said before, because these false Gods people pray to are supposed to make people happy.

Then again the fake Gods don't always make people happy and do good things. They make people chop heads off, throw children into fires, LRA is a good example, beat a gay person with the butt of a shotgun, crusades, fucking WAR. God has a bad job making the fake Gods do a good job. So your God on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 4 for me, but because of his idea of spontaneous natural universe that's where the points come in.

Originally Posted by randomnessqueen View Post
and if one lives a good life in sync with this way their next birth will be in a higher form. a form closer to "god".
That makes no sense at all. Also, where do you get this information? You made this information up about your crazed God ideal and it just gets crazier and lronhubbart-er by the sentence!

What if one didn't even get to live a life in the first place? Say child dies at young age. What higher form do they go up to? Does it even fucking matter? Why does this God who loves the idea of a natural spontaneous universe all of a sudden want human life to be gradual?

I'm not buying it. Sorry. Try not to take offense, but I think your philosophy is wacky and funny. Also, I don't mind if you neg rep me for this post. It's written under a HUGE episode of fucking mania.

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