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Originally Posted by Shaolin
Originally Posted by An Invited Nightmare
the only way to hurt them

is to hurt myself...
This behaviour is definatly not hte way to get what you want.

Projection, look it up on google. All it does is make the situation worse.

You should try and express yourself in the way every other member in society has to. If it were socially acceptable to cut yourself to make others feel bad, everyone would be cutting themselves.

Learn to deal with situations in the way everyone else has to. You aren't going to show them how you feel, your just going to cut yourself and display your abnormal behaviour to everyone.

People who cut, do not do it for attention. Well the majority don't. They do it as a coping method for emotional pain, to hide from it. It's very similar to being addicted to drugs. When you cut yourself yoru body releases endorphines, which are your bodies natural painkiller. Heroin mimicks the action of endorphines on the body. So really to begin with cutters, were looking for a method to control their life, like heroin addicts, but got addicted to the rush and now most are trying to find a way out, because scars stay with you for life.

I say it now, you won't achieve anything from cutting yourself to make others feel bad. All you will do is make them know you are unstable emotionally.
I guess you did not understand what I was trying to say.

Oh well...

just forget it then.
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