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Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post
you spelled "NANANAAANA" wrong.
its supposed to be "NANANANAAAANA"

i DONT know what gay people feel, because im not gay. this topic wasnt started on what gay people feel, it was started on my philosophy that i believe that people who are gay chose to be gay.
Harhar you're hilarious...
You cannot claim it to be fact if you do not know what they feel. Yet, you did claim it to be fact. You claimed to have done studies--you claimed to know it all, but you know nothing because you are not gay!

i've been straight as a known fact to myself to since i was 5.this is because that i dont remember fond memories before that and i an not 100% sure if they are exaggerated or not, so i have decided not to include them. basically, i have been straight since i was in a civilization where i was surrounded by others my age 3/4 of the year. before i can remember being straight, i could have been straight, gay, bisexual, or asexual. i was most likely asexual or straight already.
You are born the way you are. You cannot force yourself to be gay in any way. Try having sex with a man and enjoying it!! You couldn't possibly do it unless you were gay! You did not choose to be straight. You cannot buy gay kids and I certainly did not chose to be gay. TELL me that it was my choice to be gay. I can not help it, so i except it!!

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