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flips flops seem to be in the "preppy fashion" right now, and many gay people enjoy fashion and "preppy fashion" is kind of "in" right now. dont get me wrong, many straight people enjoy fashion (including me, but i consider it "looking fly")

anyways, i think it all depends on how you wear them. if its 30 degrees (Fahrenheit) and a guy is wearing severely ripped jeans and flip flops, then honestly, i consider that gay, whether it is a straight person or not.

if its the last couple weeks of school or your on the beach, and your wearing like shorts or something, then i think its fine. you'll only see me wearing flip flops on the beach though, because im not into them for regular wear. i skate everyday too and they arent very much "skating" apparel because obviously, they are weaker than shoes and other reasons.

when people say that you are automatically gay if you wear flip flops, they dont actually mean homosexual. they mean it as like a "stupid person".

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