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hey, im an average teen, bright, but sorta lazy. thats not of any importance here though, its just that everything seems fucked up. at my school, i have friends, they stick up for me, my grades are rather good, my relation with my parents are distant, they really piss me off some times. and my brother, well, lets just say i hate him to hell, and i'm not gonna waste my time trying to convince myself he's a good guy. the huge problem is that im not satisfied with girls, my friends seem fine, but even those who seem really ugly have had a girl before, and i havent, not even one kiss on the cheek. they all say its me, and if i just went to them, i'd feel better, FUCK, my problem isnt even girls, im fine with them, its just that these guys at school, there must be a dozen of them, the girls are crazy about them, i mean yea, sure, i see why: they're rich,"hot", and get whatever they want...their lives are perfect, and yes, i mean PERFECT. i just seem so wastfull, useless, worthless, talentless, and ugly next to them. im starting to doubt that all men are created equal, that some ppl are "more equal than others" (if u get my quote) yea, thats about it, so forget the first part of this letter, cuz its completely useless, and plz dont tell me "You should be ashamed of yourself, complaining like that! Think of all the poor sad boys in iraq without a family" cuz thats just gonna remind me that the world is full of misery and nothin can comfort me...

btw, i forgot to add that this guy thats part of the 'elite' just kissed the girl i was totally in lov with. right in front of me, wow, he didnt kno it though, so i guess its not a crime to kiss a girl, even though some ppls happiness is others downfall.

Also, last mention, im sure it'll help u: i am not a self mutilaor, gothic, or physically deformed dude, im just a regular guy in hell.

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