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Default Re: I need guy help pleasey?

In my honest opinion, he does not like you the same way you like him. and now, because you told him that you like him, he doesn't want to hurt your feelings because he thinks that he might be leading you on by talking to you.

My reasoning? simple

i was 14 once, all of my friends were 14 once, and mostly everyone that i know has been 14 once. If a girl that i thought of as a friend told me that sh liked me, id feel really weird and i wouldn't want to really talk to her, because I'd know that shed be thinking of me as a boyfriend, but i'm thinking of her as a girlfriend.

and secondly, just because i care about looks doesn't make me shallow. a person is ffoolish if they don't care about looks. in ANY and EVERY dating relationship, there needs to be a healthy mental, physical, emotional, and sexual relationship. if theres is a poor type of relationship, then the overall relationship wont be a good one and will end poorly.

What I find interesting act like you know everything when you're, what?
And talking to me wouldn't be leading me on.
It would be nice.
Saying 'Cheyeahh, I like you too. Let's date.'
Would be leading me on.
Get your facts straight before giving someone "advice"

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