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Default Things I wish I could say...

1. "I like you"

2. "I hate to go out to eat, because I'm scared"

3. "I really wish I could change but I can't"

4. "You are so fucking annoying"

5. "I envy you"

6. "Why do you get to be so smart, and call me inferior?"

7. "Why did you call me fat?"

8. "I go on walks to escape your chewing"

9. "I am not perfect"

10. "I don't eat Breakfast or Lunch--ever"

11. "I am not well, my heart hurts all the time"

12. "I hate when you call me healthy"

13. "I'm sorry that I don't always go to the gym with you"

14. "I didn't want to blow you off, I had to"

15. "My GPA shouldn't be that, I worked my butt off last year so it wouldn't be, plus I was in the hospital, so what do you expect?"

16. "I'm sorry I lie to you"

17. "I really don't want to change"

18. "I really hated you from the time you wanted to have phone sex with me"

19. "I stare at you because you're so dumb."

20. "Your haircut is really funny looking"
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