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Originally Posted by mmc deadly View Post
I was pleasantly surprised to see that the forum was so big as i only got the impression that it was a forum on puberty as that was the only forum displayed when i first visited. So that is probably where i will be most active though i am the man when its comes to computers so if anyone needs any help, im the guy you guys need to see. I was also wonderin if you guys could possibly tell me how far into puberty i am in your opinion? Heres some details on myself so you guys can tell me what you think:

Age: 13
Erect penis size: 6 inches
Voice: partially broken but still goes crazy when i shout
Height: 175cm
Pubic hair: yes around 2 inches long
Underarm: Yes around 1 inches long
facial hair: Upper lip slightly and random long hairs on chin

Thanks guys tell me how far i am please.
Well, try keeping the puberty questions to the Puberty forum
And for talking about computer stuff and gaming, go to the Tech Junkies Paradise!

I'm pretty good with talking about puberty I guess, so here's what I think: I dunno how far you are, no way to tell, but you still have approx 7 years to go and you're in pretty good shape! Welcome!

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