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Default Problem with my anus

Ok guys, please take this serious. i need support and answers, Im gay so yea just understand.

Me and my friend used to always have anal intercourse, but now that ive hit puberty im starting to get scared. Besides the fact his "dick" is bound to get bigger- im afraid of the fact that he will make it hurt more, His has already gotten thicker and longer somewhat and when we had intercourse the other night he spanked my "ass" real hard and pulled out- causing skin to pull out and flip out almost. I was able to get some of the skin back in but it still feels like theres a big chunk hanging around. me and him are afraid to do this again because it could cause it to just flip out even worse. Ive heard somewhere that this is called "Pink Slippers" or something like that. Can anyone relate? is this normal? and if not can i get some responses and facts about this kinda thing and how to fix it?

but yep, please understand that i dont wanna be made fun of for this if its not normal or anything.
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