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Default Some new and interesting suggestions...

hey everyone, i was kind of thinking about some things we could/should add.

1. A Sports Forum. I've seen this before in here and i thought it was a great idea, as i'm sure hundreds of users play sports, or enjoy sports.

2. VGames. i've seen this here before as well...but a couple of tweaks.

Monthly Games- whether this be contests, pranks, or anything "gamey"

we could have knowledge contests, days in which we play harmless pranks on certain members. anything could be cool.

this could also be made into a Forum under General Discussion? Like, the actual games could be Stickies, or Forum announcements, and other members could suggest ideas in polls. then the Admins and Mods could work them out.

we could have like "_______ of the Week/ Month/ Year" (movies, shows, certain contests, band, song, etc.)

our own Grammies (VT's (pronounced VeeTeez))

i just think that having like "site games" could be fun and make VT a closer community, more friendly, and also just more fun.

i dont know, i just thought that it would be really cool to have that so tell me what you think

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