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okay, well, this is my response.

Mannequin is a shit spitter and so most of the things that he says are mostly rambling and useless words. so, fr me to respond to him, it takes too much of my time to type everything, and so i just choose not to respond to him.

to anyone else, i usually don't see. maybe you should tell Mannequin to stop posting his long responses, because thats usually the thing that i read first, and then i might forget about the others.

heres my way to fix this: i'd appreciate if you could quote the unanswered things and i will do my best to answer them.

also, please tell me how if i dont respond to something because it leaves my main point, how i lose. i don understand the concept in that.

if you ignore a side, then you probably will/do lose, but a point, no.

i havent ignored any sides. some points, maybe, like a said, quote them and i will do my best to answer them, but sides are much more noticeable than points.

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