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you seem about stage 4 in puberty (according to

and to be honest, your penis is small for your stage...normal for your age (mine was 3 inches at 13), but that can be worrysome because you are growing facial hair, but your penis is only 3.5 inches.

maybe it will grow a lot more, but you just seem pretty far in puberty...but you dont have a penis relative to your stage...

sorry if that was off topic or if thats like REALLY bad kind of just putting it out there.

for the shaving part. shaving is EASY!

all you need is a razor (a shaving razor) and thats it. its beneficial to have shaving gel, but it isnt necessary.

1. wash your face with warm water (water only) and put the razor under the warm water
2. shave the hair that you need to shave

step 1 and 1/2 (optional). put shaving gel on

its super easy

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