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Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post
i love how hypocritical you are. you just AVOIDED my proof on how i completely used your dumb ass argument on yourself. Also, if you knew anything about debating, then you would know that you leave the parts out that make yourself look bad. this makes you look better in front of the audience judging you. But, because i agree with getting all sides of an argument, i don't agree with making yourself look good by not answering questions.
Umm, no. Everyone here disagrees with you. Weren't you Mr. peace awhile ago? What happened? Actually, you just admitted to looking bad in certain areas and avoiding those areas..which inevitably makes you look worse.

also, how do many know that your real because you met someone from VT before? you haven't met MANY, you've met ONE person. everyone else you believed that person should reconsider their judgment because they don't know that the person that you met was telling the truth. this is a big and important philosophy that i go by, as saying, "you shouldn't believe something until you witness it for yourself."

but, good job buddy, you met someone from a teen website. everyone loves you now!
I don't associate with people I haven't seen on a webcam or spoken on the phone/seen in person. I actually don't think I'm better than anyone for meeting someone online..but obviously you assume what you think.

Also, maybe you should take your own philosphy! You aren't GAY so you cannot speak for a GAY person!!!

you also look stupid, because your debating methods are completely idiotically incorrect. everything that you say to me about how my debate lacks true competition and how i don't answer any of our questions is exactly what you do. i DON'T do that and my debating is near perfect, where as yours is nowhere near...sorry.
You are the only one that agrees with this. Please take time to read others posts above mine--only stating my positive skills to where as no one even recognizes yours because you have none! Please explain to me why people like my ideas and agree with ME and NOT YOU? You are avoiding the homosexuality debate because you know I am right and you are wrong.

nd the scientist thing. it doesn't matter if i went to Harvard (ex.) for any medical studying, or if i didn't. it plays some extent, because USUALLY the Harvard student would do better, but its been proven wrong on many occasions.

these occasions are the list of people that i wrote down earlier.

Albert Einstein
John Pemberton
Matt Stone
Trey Parker
Frank Lloyd Wright
Actually it would matter if YOU specifically went to Harvard because you are no where near as intellectually inclined as these fine scientists who are self-sufficient and well spoken individuals. To where as you spill false facts and have no prove of yours. I do not need proof because I am not claiming that homosexuality is chosen by people that are gay.

i do agree however, that if you go to Harvard (or any other school that is prestigious), that you have a better chance of being smarter than a person who didn't. but, i am saying that it has been proven wrong on several occasions.

one actual

i am an aspiring architect. i have won many awards from my state for my projects. i have professionally designed 1 of the major buildings in my city by myself, and i have worked with other architectural firms to build 2 more of the major buildings in my city. additionally, i have designed 6 residential houses. the combination of the houses' square footage totals over 25,000 square feet.
Actually they cannot be professionally designed unless you have your degree. Once again...
Also, stick to architecture. If you have won so many awards I'd imagine you would stick to what your good at instead of "debating" or "experiments with gay friends you probably don't have."

now, i haven't gone to a great art school, although i am extremely talented. i am more experienced, and also more talented than many architecture school graduates throughout the country. but the fact is that i don't need to receive great education to be better than the people who did receiver great education.
I don't really believe you nor do I care. Why would you be wasting your time bragging to people that don't know you, love you, or even care about you?
If I am wrong, please design a house a not a shit load of lies. You need an education because you lack education.

i am also NOT naturally architecturally gifted. i am naturally artistically gifted. i have always been a great artist and my dad is a real estate agent. put these two together and it basically spells out architecture. this started when i was 8, and i went to one of the bigger houses that my dad sold (9,000 sq. ft.). i was completely amazed and so i went home, grabbed computer paper, and designed my own house. throughout the years, i have kept this activity in my long term goals, and i have become extremely gifted, but i have received no education.
I don't give a fuck. I am a national level swimmer and soon to be a national level runner. I get plenty of recognition for my athletic abilities as well as for my near perfect GPA in school. I have my own set of accomplishments that are far more recognized and publicized than yours. Unlike you, I have legit proof of my talents, but I would not risk allowing others to see where I live or the general location because of creeps like yourself.

personal proof. but, that goes back to my other thing, how you cant necessarily believe me. I'd understand if you didn't believe me, but since i have witnessed this, i DO believe me. if you tell me that what i said up there was bullshit, not only will i laugh, but i will also see you as a complete asshole if i haven't already.

i have never changed my argument. show me proof, and i will be ready to defend and prove how i haven't changed my argument.

suck it.
I already told you how you have changed it. Read the beginning post of this thread and then read the post in which you have told Alex that it is "only possible" to chose to be gay where as in the beginning you stated that everyone was born straight.

I am in no way an idiot and no one here except you thinks that I am. People in this thread only have utmost respect for my personal opinions and debating methods. No one has even expressed an interest in yours. You only listen to yourself speak, which is why nobody here likes you.

EDIT: Please answer the questions we have proposed to you earlier, inquiring minds want to know of your professional experiments...LOL

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