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Question Need help..

Hey, i'm waiting 2 see my psychaitrist t find out whether I hav schizophrenia, I reli do not think it is true, but I decided I wuld c wat other people think.
I basically get these people following me who are going 2 get me sometime, they never specify when. I dont know what they r going to do to me, but it is very bad, and will most likely be the worst possible thing they can do. I hav sumtimes seen them n they talk 2 me n tell me 2 do things that are stupid, like jump out a window. I accept that other people cant see them, but there is no doubt that they r there, and I think they couldnt just be created in my head. They hav also recently been telling me that I have to stop eating, and that all food is dirty inside me. I have been desperately eating to try and stop the beginnings of anorexia, but its just getting worse.
I have already been diagnosed with ocd, depression and anxiety...Dus any1 hav a clue what my psychaitrist may be thinking? Thanks guys...
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