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Default Re: is my dick small

Originally Posted by big guy View Post
Hey im 14 and my dick is 4 in hard, 2 girth hard, and 2.5 soft, and lk 1 girth soft. is there somethin wrong wit me, let me know.thxs

to be honest, yes, you are small. when i was 14, my dick was 4 inches, and most 14 year olds are 5 inches or so.

but, secondly, girth is CIRCUMFERENCE, not width, and if you are 4 x 2, then i find that a little weird (thats really wide) also, if that is your circumference, then thats REALLY skinny. either way, i find that your penis isnt exactly normal.

same goes for your girth when your soft.

right now, i turned 15 a month ago, and im now 4.25 inches long, 1.25 inches wide, and 4 inches in girth hard. im 3 inches long soft, and 1 inch wide, and 3 inches in girth.

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