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Default A mild depression

I don't want to get into the details, so I'll make this as short as possible...

I'm depressed.. I haven't had a girlfriend in 4+ years... I do like some of the girls I see on a daily basis at work, but I honestly just can't talk to them.. I'm VERY shy and not very socially strong.. I've always been on the computer playing MMOs and I just can't find any topics that would appeal to someone who didn't play with computers... I find it easier to chat online than in person because I can take my time to READ what they say and come up with a reply.. but when someone talks to me, I have a hard time understanding them if they have even the slightest accent, and I can't sit there and think about it, I have to rush my reply.. Which I hope is a yes/no question (hehehe) Any advice on how to help my problems would be appreciated.
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