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Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post
i'm extremely glad that you said that, you just started digging your own grave.

how do I know that any of you actually ARE gay? how do I know that any of you are ACTUALLY males? see, everyone on this site, as well as i, could be living fake identities on VT. its extremely easy.

in fact, my identity is respectively fake, only so my other friends dont see some personal things that i post. i've changed my user name a few times because of this.

in the words of a complete dickhead, "Exactly."

also, not everyone on here agrees that my argument is shit. i'm on here, and i don't think that m argument is shit. learn to word your sentences properly, because you look very stupid when you tell me that even i think my argument is shit. now i bet that you'll try to find some shitty excuse that my grammar isn't perfect, then go only makes you look even stupider and idiotic than you are already.
You are getting off topic and avoiding the true debate. You failed to analyze my post to its full extent and debate with it. Seeing that, I know that you cannot debate and are avoiding areas where you feel you have lost.

Also, how the hell do I look stupid when everyone in this forum agrees with ME and not YOU? Maybe it's because your ideas are poor. Even admins think you are stupid.

On the debate note, I know I'm gay because I have no attraction to females, but I do males. Does that answer your question? Also, about the whole internet thing. Many know I am real because I have actually met someone from vt before, unlike yourself.
Must I continue spoon-feeding you through these debates and guide you or are you actually going to express solid arguments?

BTW: please respond to the section of my last posts about scientist. You ignored it. Thank you.
Also, you changed your argument. You stated to begin with that everyone is born straight. Then, you tell Alex that it is only possible. As in, you now believe your argument is false. This should end the debate completely because you failed to stick with your debate.

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