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Originally Posted by Octo22 View Post
Go on, get turned on by a woman dumping on you, go do it if it's so easy.
He's not gunna do that
And plus that could be choosing or not choosing
Fetishes can develop and can seem to appear from nowhere
But usually fetishes come from what you've been raised with and what you've been around.
For instance, for some reason I wasn't around blue eyed people a lot or didn't notice them when I was little.
But I really like blue eyed guys. I don't go crazy but I think it's neat.
But I'm still not really sure why

Originally Posted by Octo22
Anyone above the age of 6 would know when I say all of VT vs. You.
Then I'm 5, because I still have the attention span to notice that not all of VT has replied. No offense man
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