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Originally Posted by redcar View Post
Well you do know that by me saying that I didn't chose to be gay, that cancels your arguement. Kind of like +1 and -1, cancel each other out. To make your arguement work you will need more than 1 person I am afraid.

i dont believe that Alex. see, i believe that by me having a friend that is gay, and chose to b gay, that it sets the standard that it is POSSIBLE to choose t be gay.

and, in my mind, i think that everyone has that choice. but, i can see where you get the +1 and -1 from. its just that, i don't believe that it cancels my argument out if you say that you didn't choose to be gay. i have my reasons, and i have my evidence, and i am sticking with it.

but what, if i had another friend, and then 2 other say that they didn't choose to be gay, is that +2, -2? see, it's a similar concept.

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