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Default Re: Post Your Penis Questions / Sizes Here

Sam, or southport-soldier, you're fine! It's above normal, so be proud of that meat!!

Originally Posted by Blaahh View Post
I'm 14, almost 15, but my penis just really isn't that big at all, and it kind of bothers me.

I know I've hit puberty at some time, because I have a decent amount of pubic hair, a lot which are rather long, and I have some armpit hair, but my voice hasn't really changed much, I'm only 5'4 in height, and my penis is pretty small... so I'm not sure how far into it I am...hoping not that far since I'm so both ways lol.

My penis is only about 3 inches, no higher at all, when flaccid. Is that small for my age... am I a late bloomer or what? It's about 4.7 - 5 when erect.
You're just a late bloomer. 5 in? You're in puberty, but you just haven't started really growing yet. That'll come in a few years
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