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Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post
god dammit people, open your eyes, im 15 you fucking idiots.
I am aware.

i'm not responding to Manny Man's post because if would take too much for me to type, and i have homework, but i will respond to you Octo.

i did not compare myself to Einstein. i said that you don't need a proper education to be smart, and i listed examples of people who did not have proper education, but were still smart.
Actually, they were educated. Do you know the qualifications it takes to be a professor? Exactly. You DID indeed compare yourself to Einstein, "my work is just as good as theres."

secondly, if i do have 1 friend, that chooses to be gay, then it contradicts your arguments. 1 person who chose to be gay means that you can choose to be gay. he IS gay, he is sexually, mentally, and emotionally attracted to males, and he knows that he is. i know that he is, and other people do too.

thirdly, pedophiles DO choose to be pedophiles.
No pedophiles do not chose to be pedophiles. OMG, you have no first hand experience with any of this!! Your arguments are flawed to such an extent it's insane. Every gay member on this website has informed you that they did not chose, so your friend must be unique and his experiences are not the same to my or many others experiences. ALSO, how do you know your friend isn't lying? How do WE know that this "friend" even exists? Exactly. Your argument is shit and its apparent that everyone here agrees.

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