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Originally Posted by Shaolin
l337 man do you feel strongly against homosexuality? That you could never ever take part in anything that would be remotly homosexual?

Although im only a student, having strong views against something, such as homosexuality, can indicate a defense mechanism of projection.

Which means, that the person who feels extremly strongly against the subject, might have an insecurity about their own sexuality.
No, I'm not against it in any form. Let them do whatever the hell they want, as long as they don't do it to me.

See, many of the arguments against incest are those against gay marriage. EG "The function of marriage is to reproduce..." "That's disgusting..." "Religion...". Many people who support gay marriage also use these arguments against incest, and it's sort of hypocritical. I'm fine with both homosexuality and incest, because they don't affect me in any way.

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