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Why do you always let me down?
Why do you always tell me that you’re going to do something
And then just say don’t
It’s like your keeping my heart on a string
And violently cutting it off.
I feel a desperate cry inside
I can’t contain it, it’s like a weight.
I wish you would just get out of my life
You’re always letting everyone down
And breaking hearts
Well, I have something for you.
Grow up.
You need to act mature.
Right now I’m getting the impression you’re a little kid.
You always lie.
It’s like you have a default that has twisted wires
Don’t you realize?
You’re a shit thinking that
You think that the whole world revolves around you
But I have a piece of advice
It doesn’t.
Why don’t you think of your loved ones?
Why don’t you care what you do to us?
You’re just a memory now
but I’m not missing you, not one bit
You should’ve cared
But you screwed up
I don’t care, you always just walked away
Was never a man to me.
You were just a cunt
Bringing up all our hopes
And then crushing them as if we were bugs
I’m tired of this
But you’re gone now so I’m finally free,
Free from this cage you put me in.
Thanks for nothing.

Mark denBraber

Life is great. Then again I'm a compulsive liar.
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