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Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post
Must you troll me fellow member?

don't try to speak for me by the way, because, i have found a person who chose to be gay, and putting me in a blindness situation is not related to this on the same concept. i dont believe that person can choose to be blind, but i do believe that they can choose to be gay.
[No you haven't. They are not gay then. That is not homosexual by definition.
Chosing to be gay is different from being gay. Yeah, I'll bug you until you get the point that you suck at debating?

you need to shut the fuck up buddy. all you can do to me, is throw tiny insults to make others seem like you have won this thread. in the second post, you didnt even relate to the quote that you gave. because, i AM right on that. no one will know that your actually gay unless you tell them, or give EXTREMELY obvious signs to them....which is still your own fault.
I need to shut up? You are the one losing the argument. LOL. I am taking your posts bit by bit and tearing them apart. Hahah, you contradict everything you stand for. If being gay was a choice, then why would you hide that choice? You know nothing. Why would anyone want to live a life in fear of rejection from peers, future coworkers, friends, and even their own parents? You think they chose that? I certainly didn't sign up to be gay. You can pretend to be straight, but you AREN'T. You are only what you are not what you want to be. I want to be britney I? No. Exactly. Answer that.

You are right on nothing.

i also don't care if scientists have done studies. i have also done studies, and my studies are as good as anyone else's. the only thing that scientists are, are scientists. nothing makes them better or smarter than me, no matter the education, or raising. it doesnt matter if they specialize in "Sexuality Research". there have been plenty of people who were not specialized in anything, and were complete geniuses, in fact, much smarter than they specialists.

Albert Einstein
John Pemberton
Trey Parker
Matt Stone
Frank Lloyd Wright

the list continues.

i also do not want to see you treating members like that in this thread. whether i am able to issue that warning or not, i dont want to see it. this thread that i created was not meant for insult and stress removal within. please respect me and everyone else in this thread, along with all of the other ones that i make.
I will respect you if you come up with legit arguments instead of throwing false bullshit at me. Also, those scientists were professionals. They had degrees and many of them were professors. They were not idiots throwing crazy shit at others. Also, none of them did work with your fight is slowly dying. The difference between their work and your "work" is quite different. They are highly respected/intelligent individuals whose work has/have been agreed upon with people with degrees.

PLEASE, tell me how a 14/15 year old boy who has not taken science courses other than maybe the basics knows all of this information and has "work" that is equivalent to einstein's? If you did you would have already graduated and you would have friends and would not be sharing...actually you havent shared...your supposed work in a psychiatric ward forum.

I have no tolerance for people like you.

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