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Default Complications...

Hi everyone. Im kinda new here. and i have a few issues with a recent relationship i was in. well its pretty long so you dont have to reply if you dont want to.

Well i started dating this girl last November. And things were going pretty well. She "gave" herself to me. And then in February we split up because she still had feelings for her ex. But we ended up getting back together. Ok. now here is the wierd part. There are people at my school who dont like me and dont want to see me with her anymore, so they thought of lieing to her to make her dump me. So she heard from different people that i had cheated on her. I would never do that to someone i love. I mean, i was planning on Asking her to marry me. Anywho, We kinda split after that. I feel like shit because she dumps me for stupid reasons and i dont get a chance to explain myself. I love her with all my heart, but she doesnt feel the same....please help
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