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so i have a really good friend(a girl) and were "best friends" and have been for a few years.
lately shes been wanting to take our friendship another step to make it a relationship but she hasnt come out and said it i can just tell from how shes acting. the thing is that i dont want to go out with her cuz i know that itll hurt our friendship especially since were 14 adn were obviously not gonna get married and are gonna break up at sometime.

so when she actually comes out and says it i really dont know how to tell her no.
should i just tell her what i explained in the paragraph or say something else?

i would mainly like girls to reply to this.
guys, only reply if uve had this situation before(im sure its alot of you cuz this is prolly a very common situation)

im tim
if u ask for my myspace profile url i might just give you it
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