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Default Re: Ultrasound required before abortion

As far as pro life goes, I think it's the circle of life. I mean, babies die of natural reasons, people die of natural reasons, some however die unfairly. People live and die. Besides, early into pregnancy, the baby really isn't a person as it hasn't developed even what it's final sex will be! It hasn't been developing any personality either. We could of lost many chances with another Einstein, but then again some important people die early too. So really, I think it's just whatever happenes.

For the ultrasound, I think it's a good idea. If it does get passed, great! If it doesn't, oh well. 'Guess it wasn't meant to be. :/
Course the woman maybe couldn't afford an ultrasound...but there's always complications. I can't really say I'm for it, I think it's just fine right now.
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