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Default Re: Puberty Surveys

age: 13
height idk i havent measured in a whail.....ummm mabey 5"1'
build(e.i. fat, skinny, average): somewhat skinny

bra size: barely a 32A, i even get mad fun of because if it
are u happy with ur size and shape: nope
--if not, wat is wrong with ur breasts: they are rele small
wats is the average bra size for ur age group in ur opinion: 32B
wat is the average adlult size in ur opinion: 34B/C

Pubic Hair/ Pubic Area
how much pubic hair do u have: yes just shaved though
are u happy with it: nope
do u shave it: yes

Friends and Public
do u have sleepovers with ur friends: yes
do u compair breast size with ur friends: yes i have the smallest everytime
have uever been seen by a friends naked: yes when we compare breast sizes
would u ever show ur breast to a guy if they asked: well if they were bigger and f he was my bf
--if so, wat kind of guy would it be(e.i. a boyfriend, a friend, or just some ramdom person: bf, mabey a friend, depends
do u have to go into a locker room for gym: yes
--if so, how comformitable are u with changing in that locker room: somewhat uncomformitable

have u ever kissed someone: nope
have u ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend: nope
--are u currnetly in a relationship now: nope look above
wat is ur sexuality(e.i. striaght, gay, bi): striaght
have u ever had a sex or been fingered by another person: nope
--if so wat age: -

have u ever masterbated: yes *blush*
--if so how often do u do it: like 3-4 times a weak
do u orgasim: yes

have u gotten ur frist period yet? no
-- if so, are u on a mouthly regualar secdual: -
---wat age did u get ur first period -
do u consider yourself done with puberty: no way
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