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Default Re: Online Love...... Is this wrong???

Kinda sorta like Emryl, I have recently literally fallen in love with someone I met online....and I'm completely sure that, that individual is no online sexual predator.

I'm a very, very secretive person..and I don't give out a lot of personal information..especially on first my user name here does not even reflect who I am....although I would say that I am becoming a little bit more relaxed about my identity online...but, I tend to be incognito when I meet new people over the's a way for me to protect my true I've been screwed before...big lesson learned....After a bit, and iff..that's if and only if...I feel comfortable with the person I'm talkin with do I reveal who I really am.

Back to the case of the individual who I have fallen in love with...that person and I have spoken for eh..the exact duration of our relationship is not pertinent to this post so...I'll just say that person and I have spoken long enough for me to become comfortable with talking to him...He knows my asl and I know his..and over the course we've known each other we both know what each other look like..and it just so happens that, over the course of talking to each other, we both have..more or less fallen in love. This guy is literally a blessing and I never want to lose him..and he knows that..and I'm 99.9% certain that this guy won't screw me over..the other .1 will come when we meet for the first time..which is something that we have talked about..and we will do sometime in the near future.

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