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Exclamation Sex and Relationship help

look, so i have a wonderful boyfriedn and we have been going out for bouts 4 months k?

n i said to him that i'd consider hainv sex wen i hit 16? but my parents rn't happy wif that.

but like one night, we were tlaking abut wat our first time might b like, like we have a few times b4, but this time it was really good, n we talked bout wat girl's had told him to help him out wen it comes to it.

we are both virgin's n love each other so mciuch.

i am jsut owrried bout my paretns breaking into our relationship if i do wat i want and make love to him ^,^! i hit 16 in like....august which is......3 months away cos i am da 1st of august.

like and the health nurse said that sex is our personal buisness.

we know that we are both for keeps for like, ever.

i jsut wanna know wat to do wif wanting to make love to him n how to deal wif my parents.

in aus 16 is legal age for sex.

help please

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