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Default Re: Please Help I Think Im Gay

Originally Posted by kmjaemo View Post
Helllo... this is my first post here, and the topic is the reason why i joined this forum.

I think Im gay! help me please

I think im gay because i am, currently, a seventh grader, but I never got horny when I saw porn or a naked girl. However, I get horny when I see guys, and I only masturbate thinking about guys. I once dreamt about kissing a girl, but that was only once. Help me, will I love girls later, or is this a sign of gayness? I usually don't think about HAVING sex with guys when I masturbate, but it's not like I ever imagined having sex with a girl and getting horny due to that. please help me, please, im desperate, i feel like suiciding
you are not gay. being gay is not just having sex with a guy, its being able to have a loving relationship with somone of the same sex. you are in the 7th grade, you are waaaaaaaaay to young to decide what your sexuality is. dont worry about it, and dont kill yourself, this isnt worth it.
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