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Default Re: Fear of molesting a child?

oh im so sorry. but i have the same fear of my niece. i always think what if i do. and it is scary but you just have to belive its not. and just get a theropist. it really does help and if you get on medication. you fell even better but here is some help from my theropist.

1.if your mom or dad go to a diffrent room and leave you two together alone for a few mins stay in the room. this wil show you if you think you did you didnt because your parents are there but not in the room. also rate you aniaxety 1-10

2.try to play with him and have a good time. rate your aniaxity 1-10

i hope this helped you a little if you need to talk just message me. you will be ok always rembember that.

i have ocd as well as many of you on the site. if you need somone to talk to just message me. i know what its like.
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