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Look, most adults who enjoy a healthy sex life, and for whom part of that sex life is the, hopefully frequent, experience of going down on a woman, end up loving the taste and smell of their female partners. After all the smell and taste is one of arousal, desire…sex really. So for a lot of people it becomes a turn on, not a turn off.

Every woman has a slightly different taste, and it is dependent on many things, including natural secretions, arousal fluid, sweat, diet, and certainly whether or not you have any sort of bacterial or yeast infections.

In terms of what you can do if you want to experiment with changing the taste of your own vaginal fluids, there does seem to be a lot of non-scientific agreement that diet can have an impact. That said, eating a lot of garlic (particularly raw garlic) will affect the way you taste.

If you wanna experiment with your taste, many things have been said to have an impact: raw garlic, multivitamins, asparagus, pineapple.

But the fact is that taste is largely subjective, so while they may change the way you taste, the “better” part is really a judgment by you and/or anyone else you’re sharing your vaginal taste with!

I hope this helps a little bit.

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